Many museums charge for admission while others are free. Do you think the advantages of charging people for admission to museum outweigh the disadvantages?

In order to treasure history, vising museums at few places has been charged by the government.




does have some benefits as well as drawbacks.


essay will discuss both views in the following paragraphs.

To begin

with, It has been observed that the people who are keenly interested in studying history, if they can not afford the entry fee, they are not allowed to interview the place.


causes a tremendous negative impact on students curriculum. The recent report published by Discovery chronicle stated that


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52% of the students do not appointment the historical monuments for their studies and dropped out from the university. Knowing history is equally important to scientific advancements,


it should be free for all to get knowledge about it.

On the other hand

, the


and foremost thing is the maintenance of the museum building and its surrounding is a crucial activity. The staff needed for cleaning, managing indoor treasures


required to be paid with the salary. The fund generated from visitors can be able to serve


purpose effectively. The organising committee of The Taj Mahal, India reported that, in December 2020, funds from visitors collection has been used to clean the river banks beside The Taj Mahal, which was creating pollution and


was a threat to


a great treasure.

In addition



, Certain natural calamities like earthquakes can damage historical buildings and in the mission to save them one must have protective measures which is again a costly affair. That_s why collecting charges from people who really want to stop over and treasure these monuments for upcoming generations is incredibly important for every nation.

In conclusion, from the above discussion, it is absolutely clear that the advantages of charging per appointment to the monuments outweigh the disadvantages. And it is extraordinarily valuable for the preservation of historical landmarks.

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