Machines are taking over more and more jobs previously done by humans. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and give your own opinion.

Nowadays there is a growing concern over the substitution of humans for


. A great number of positive and negative aspects of


revolution are being discussed by experts. I believe that the disadvantages clashes with the advantages. I will discuss some of these incentives and drawbacks in



On one hand,


have undoubtedly brought us a lot of benefits.


, the arduous occupations which are not only dangerous for employees but


implausible are being done by vehicles now.


, it has resulted in manufacturing products in huge amounts with faster and better outcomes.

For example

, it takes about a year for a human to weave a carpet by hand while


are producing hundreds of carpets with various designs in a day.


, a portion of expenses of products is being paid to the staffs which can be omitted and result in cheaper products.

On the other hand



there are definitely some benefits with machinery product, it has brought us a lot of problems. For years artificial intelligence had been viewed as a safe substitute for mankind but recently people are taking a fresh look at it after mistakes that have been made by it.

For instance

, surgeon robots were expected to provide better surgery on patients;

on the contrary

, they have resulted in many deaths.

In addition

, watching


doing our chores might be preferable to doing them by ourselves but it suffers from disadvantages that put a lot of people at risk of unemployment.


, laziness will ensue.

To sum up, designing vehicles to do the human’s responsibilities concludes to a faster job with less effort and expenses. I am not completely in agreement with the above-said view because more defects, unemployment, and inactivity are inevitable drawbacks that should be taken into account.

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