Languages are dying out all the time. The Result of this is a world with fewer languages. This is a good thing for people everywhere. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Owing to the vanishing languages from all around the earth,more and more people would utilise the same one as their mother tongue,which has been considered as a positive alternation by some individuals,including me.Some of the beneficial aspects are uttered here.

One of the most highlighted benefits of using mutual language has to do with the pedagogical barriers that used to be a major problem.

In other words

,it is feasible for students to study abroad without struggling with foreign tongues,


,it is easier for them to concentrate on the main subjects that are expected to learn and exploit in the future as experts.

In addition

,transmitting the knowledge around the globe would be more comfortable if whole the humans know the used alphabets,while nowadays, especially the


world countries have difficulty with the alien words and grammars.

On the other hand

,the chance of socialising will have increased by a decade if individuals have the opportunity to share their culture while understanding each other,so,the shortcomings that have penetrated some societies would be eradicated by the subsides that are logical.Not only provided condition assists the underdeveloped countries to enhance their quality by looking at the prosperous societies as their role models by the standard of the globe enhance


,whereas the saved time of learning vocabularies can be allocated to more essential issues,


as new inventions.

The other worth mentioning result can be seen in the realm of the wars that are supposed to decrease drastically,based on the experts’ alleges.


the majority of the conflicts in the globe have stemmed from cultural diversities,it could be controlled if the boundaries between them fade after a while,when all the humans can look at each other as their family members.

To recapitulate,while some drawbacks can be experienced by losing the languages around the world,its beneficial aspects conquer the dire consequences.

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