It is often said that aiming high is important for success. However, some say that keeping goals realistic is more important. Discuss both views and give your own opinion

To achieve success in life, one needs to keep oneself updated, motivated and in check with the surrounding competition. To reach the zenith, some people are of the opinion to keep aiming beyond one’s dream while another set of individuals believe to be grounded, in terms of setting a target and achieving the goals. However, both the opinions stand true to some point, I vote for the former viewpoint. My inclination is explained in the further paragraphs after analyzing both  viewpoints.

Discussing the first opinion, some proponents believe that sky is the limit. And to achieve success, one should always look up and keep the aspirations high. For example, if the legend  Marc Zuckerberg would not have aimed high and beat his own goal of coming up with such a huge company called Facebook, the world would have been very different today. Another illustration to exemplify is the huge entrepreneur Elon Musk,  who is working to give a travel experience of the universe to the people on earth which is an idea that was never explored by anyone. Hence, it is ideal to always dream big and accomplish bigger.

On the contrary, some thinkers idolize the idea of aiming at one’s limits by setting a fixed achievable to-do list and work continuously to achieve it. The idea comes from the mindsets of a common man who always thinks about the available resources and chooses his boundaries. As not everyone gets the opportunity to start a business or a startup due to the limited funds. And working in some corporate mindset shapes the employees to achieve the listed targets and not learn or think about anything new. Hence it limits one’s thinking capabilities.

To recapitulate, although few individuals declare to always progress and stepping ahead staying within the limits by being realistic, the opponents always claim to think out of the box and achieve  unmatched success. I completely  agree with never staying grounded and try our minds to explore  every aspect as one can. Perhaps the only way to progress today with such a spark can help everybody to meet the colours of success.

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