It is often argued that it is difficult to get children to read. Why do you think this is? What measures could be taken to encourage children to read more?

Children are fragile beings,


they should be nurtured with care. It is undoubtedly a challenging task to inculcate reading habits in them.


essay will discuss the reasons for


problem and


suggest some solutions to motivate them towards reading.

A primary reason for


situation is because youngsters are attracted to fancy things.

In other words

, psychologically a child is attracted more to colourful equipment


as cartoon, toys, gadgets and so on. There by, their time and interest in studies is diluted. A survey,

for instance

, has reported that 90% of children watch television proactively till late nights,


, they tend to sleep early if they have to spend time to study. Indeed, children_s focus is more on attractive things.

Parents and Teachers can adopt certain effective measures to develop child_s focus upon reading. If children are provided with attractive books,


as comics, which portray the characters as per their choice, they are bound to enjoy the activity. In 1995, In India,

for example

, there was a dramatic increase in sales from books as a monthly comic magazine, “The digest” took over the market. In


period, Children were addicted to reading


book as it, narrated stories as per their preference. Certainly, introducing fun in education can promote learning in younger age groups, who is attracted to attributes that amuse them.

To conclude,


it is difficult to make children concentrate on reading, it is


, possibly to restate their attention towards


by introducing suitable ways to encourage them.

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