It is often argued that it is difficult to get children to read. Why do you think this is? What measures could be taken to encourage children to read more? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

People often debate that it_s a challenge to persuade kids to read. In my opinion, kids now is glued to screens and video games.


, they don_t find reading a fun way to spend their time.
Children consume hours just on playing games that



to addiction.


, that they can play online with their friends and that makes them spend their whole free time gaming without any feeling of the time and how it passed quickly. Especially that they were born with a device to play with, not to read with it. And the only books they know is school and the purpose for it is studying for them its boring and stressful that it reminds them of the schools and homeworks.



instance, my cousin didn_t find out that there are electronic books until she turned 9 and she has an iPad. And her parents are to blame about it.
For that, parents should read to their sons from a young age to encourage them to read. And make them choose between a hard copy or a soft one.



the other hand, there is a social responsibility for companies and educational institutions to motivate younger to read.



example, Apple should offer 10$ iTunes card for each book that a student read or any game should give them credit if they finish reading.
To conclude, there are too many entertaining things to do now more than reading. As, there is no effort to make them reads. So, if the right direction is there the more children reads.

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