It is more important to spend public money on promoting a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent illness than to spend it on treatment of people who are already ill. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

the issue of whether public money should be used for promoting the style of human_s


has been raising a lot of debates. Some might say that it is important to invest



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money money

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to take care of people_s


in order to prevent illness because if too many humans ill, the chance of curing the disease will be low because the doctor can not afford it

On the contrary

, others insist on the opinion that government should spend it on a strategy to cure citizens who are already ill. Viewing from a general perspective, I personally agree with the former opinion for the following reasons.

to begin

with, protecting human_s


from any kind of ailment must be a


priority as well as the authorities.


, improving inhabitants_ quality of life helps to avoid serious consequences which may lead them to death.

For example

, level up citizens_


by investing in the agriculture industry to provide clean food for consumers to keep their body from getting chemicals from fertilizers which can destroy the body of humans ,


the population is guaranteed.


, developing a healthy lifestyle by using money to protect the environment is one way to innovate people_s lives and prevent them from any respiratory disease.

For instance

, creating new vehicles which use clean energy like electricity or solar are friendly to the environment that contributes to decreasing emission into the air.


, increasing consciousness of citizens about


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a healthy
the healthy

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and balanced lifestyle that reduces the costs authorities in supplying costly medicines and do not make them become the burden of society

On the other hand

, some of the population think that inhabitants who get diseases


as cancer need to be saved by new treatment so that the government should spend all money on investigating new ways or drugs to stop cancer substances that are more important than anything else.


, reducing the number of sick people is more necessary because if too many inhabitants illness, the hospital will not be able to treat everyone

In conclusion, preventing the crowd from getting sick is essential by promoting quality of their life from nourishment to the environment surrounding them to decrease the number of patients which contributes to releasing pressure and burden for medicines and the nation.

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