It is important for children to learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age. Punishment is necessary to help them learn this distinction. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? What sort of punishments should parents and teachers be allowed to use to teach good behaviour to children?

It is of paramount importance for the young ones to be able to differentiate between correct and incorrect.


some people recommend that penalty is essential for the kids to understand


, I disagree with them.


, the elders should punish them in ways that will benefit the children.

There are two important reasons to substantiate my support with the given statement.


, the young pupils are too innocent to be punished at


a tender age because their mistakes are purely unintentional. To be precise, if a child has scribbled on the walls of the school, he/she should be explained about the unnecessary expenses that would incur to rectify the concerned wall.


, if they are punished severely for their faults, not only would they become introvert, but they may


consider that the big people can easily torment small ones.

For example

, my nephew who was scolded in his school for mischief started bullying other younger kids in the building.

Well, the teachers and parents should punish these children, for them to just understand, not to leave a permanent scar on their mind.

To begin

with, they should ask them to wash the walls, pick up rubbish, withdraw privileges or rewards, so as to know that their deeds were incorrect and will not be tolerated if repeated again.


, the parents should


take active efforts to consider the actions of their little ones.

For instance

, my teachers and parents never resorted to any violence but to certain funny penalties that helped me in the long run.

To conclude, after having a glance at the above explanation, I truly feel that a simple punishment is a good trick to maintain discipline and it works well for everyone. It is recommended to consider having in-depth knowledge of child psychology before taking any



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