It is generally believed that the internet is an excellent means of communication but some people suggest that it may not be the best place to find information. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Communication is one of the main aspects of life, and when it comes to making a connection some people believe that the Internet is a suitable medium for that, while others disagree and think that it is not the correct way to get information. I agree with the first view and think that the Internet is vital.

It is sometimes argued that people should not completely depend on the data that they get from cyberspace. Firstly, everyone can put any info on the net and there is no guarantee that this information is accurate or even true. For example, nowadays there are lots of fake users all over the world wide web and they are responsible for a lot of frauds that are happening on a daily basis. Secondly, connecting over the web diminishes a person’s face to face communication skills. Finally, these virtual relations have caused feelings of anxiety in society.

On the other hand, there are many benefits to communicating online, and I believe they out weight the drawbacks. First of all, with the use of the WWW, people have access to the information whenever and where ever they want, such as when they are in the street or in the middle of the night they can contact each other. Moreover, this kind of cyber-connection have increased the speed of knowledge transportation, hence individuals can save time. Lastly, this virtual means of communication reduced the geographical barriers in communicating all over the world. For instance, my best friend lives in Canada and I live in Iran and if we did not have access to this virtual space, we could not keep this friendship running.

In conclusion, Although cyberspace can have negative impacts, I believe its advantages are more crucial, because not only it can bring humans closer to each other, but also the online world speeds up society.

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