It has been claimed that workers over 50 are not responsive to rapidly changing ideas in the modern workplace and for this reason, younger workers are to be preferred. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

As we know that day by day the changes in automation are increasing due to which the old life gap affect the working culture and environment.
As we know that after the maturity of 50 the rapid changes are not being accepted by the people as they are used to with their old machinery and old working style.Automation always affects the working environment and the old age of the employees.
We know that the after the half of the old life the employees are not much more responsive for the change because if the working culture changes they are always in fear with the employment.They are not in a position to accept the rapid change in the working style.
We know that the old is gold, but they are always in the favour of old working culture and old ideas because they are used to with that idea and with the working environment.
Both the opinions are having different views.I am expressing both the views.I agree with the point because after the youth of 50 the person is having less power to regain or to accept the new challenges or the ideas as the old life is always matters to person_s mentality.As he/she is always trying to make growth or stability with the old ideas.
I disagree because it doesn_t mean that if new automation arrives the 50 plus maturity of the employees are not ready to accept they are always agree and ready to accept, but take time learn and when all are ready they always accept the new ideas and challenges.

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