It has been argued that we are living in a throw-away society in which people throw away what they use in daily life, instead of recycling or reusing it. Why has this happened and how can we address this problem?

In today_s times, our modern society has adopted a lifestyle where most things are being used only once and thrown away rather than being used multiple times or being recycled. Lack of awareness and the high cost of recycling are the major reasons behind


, and it can be effectively be solved by government support and innovative technology.

The foremost reason why people don_t look to reuse or recycle a product is that they don_t have the required knowledge to do so despite their willingness.

For example

, most cola products are sold in single-use plastic bottles and not many individuals are equipped with the information on how to use it again.

In addition

, there can be a considerable amount of effort and money involved to be able to use any item again.

For instance

, recycling old car batteries is a costly affair and not everyone can afford it.

Talking about solutions, more efforts are required from the government side to promote the habit of recycling. Tax incentives, subsidies for the recycling industry, and budget spending to make the public more aware of the topic of recycling are some examples.


, increased R&D efforts by corporates are required to cut down the cost and time needed to develop the behaviour of recycling among people.

In conclusion, lack of affordability and awareness around recycling are the biggest factors that deter folks to consider using the products more than once. Increased efforts by the administration and big businesses can help society tackle



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