Is it good for children to start using computers from an early age and spend long hours on them.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

Since the


few decades, the human community is getting immensely enhanced with modern electronic gadgets. It is,


, it is a debatable concern, whether it is beneficial for the children to learn computers right from the beginning stage of their


or could use it for a longer time.


essay will discuss the positive and negative aspects of the above-mentioned viewpoint.

One commonly cited benefit of learning


since childhood is to gain the proficiency because in the early years of


a child could learn anything better as the mind can cope with any kind of complexity and


trend could allow the child to be an efficient use of


skills. The other potential reason is that the children can learn at their own pace and according to the requirement as they can easily follow the distance learning strategy.

For example

, these days due to Corona-virus, all educational institutions are closed and in that time, the children could opt to study from home and keep updated with the instructions of teachers. Overall, the inculcation of


knowledge from the start years of


is far more beneficial.

There are some drawbacks of the trend which could not be ignored


as persistent health issues and isolation. It is seen that the children who have started using screens for studying have an adverse effect on their health. Because incessantly screen reading for a long time develops the severe eye problems along with obesity like conditions.


, the habit of using technology isolated the children and they always keep themselves busy in front of the gadgets with prolonged sitting.

As a result

, they totally distracted by the parents and friends circle in a small age.

For instance

, there have been some recorded instances of children between the age group 7-12, who are indulging in the sedentary lifestyle due to the overuse of


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usage from the beginning


period could be detrimental for a child as an individual and a society as a whole.

To conclude, it is undeniable that the advent of technology is a boon for mankind, that_s why the introduction of fast-paced electronic devices for small children is an absolute imperative. Though, the narrative brings both the pros and cons which needs to be addressed simultaneously.

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