international funds should be used to develop basic infra stuctre,do you agree or disagree

Nowadays, many economically deprived countries are financially supported by international funds. There is an opinion that primarily


assistance can be channelized for developing the basic infra- structure of these. I, personally, consider


would tremendously benefit both these nations and their citizens.


of all, it is an indisputable fact that when the funding properly use for constructing basic amenities: hospitals, road networks, and schools would uplift the standard of living of the people.

In other words

, having provided better facilities, people started to enjoy an advanced level of life style;


they would be delighted to contribute to the national development.

By contrast

, if individuals were not provided minimal requirements, which need for daily living, they would end up in extreme poverty, eventually, turn against the legal system to make money to support family and himself.
Yet another reason is to point out here is that as infra- structures of any country improve that attract well-known investors to start their business in these areas. It has been seen that,

for instance

, Apple company, a renowned business firm, built its production units in developing countries whoever were previously received international support and they utilised the amount exclusively for developing their basic infrastructure. Despite of some minor drawbacks of these help, financial dependability towards these aid agencies, can be neglected,


has been largely helped several under privileged nations to become economically stable.
By way of conclusion, I again reaffirm that, spending international financial support for developing amenities is far better than allocating to anything else. It is


predicted that by doing


most of the poor nation could be uplifted.

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