Increasing travels between countries enable people to learn different cultures or to increase tension between people from different countries?

Whether or not international tourism should be expanded has been a matter of debate since the beginning of the twenty-


century. The dramatic increase in oversea tourists can promote their understanding about the different cultures, while others argue that a great number of foreign visitors come to new countries will make local against them because of distinct cultures.
In the


place, there are some reasons why international travels would bring benefits for both visitors and locals. International travels can open up opportunities for business development throughout the world, as more and more multi-national companies do across the world. Foreigners should learn the culture of a country in order to contact easier with indigenous people.

For instance

, when westerners visit to a country of Asia like Korea, they should dress Hanbok once, a traditional costume of Korean, to express their respect to the local cultures. In turn, locals should show their standard of healthcare and education to visitors in exchanges for their trust. They should share a necessary to each other to improve living standards for themselves.
In the


place, visitors are sometimes conflicting, opposing to their lifestyle perspective in the nation they visited. Because the cultural diversity and the different social background make foreigners and local inhabitants feel unsuitable, even culture shock. Since disobeying rulers and cultures of local communities, some foreigners litter indiscriminately causing environmental pollution, pose a serious threat to local resident living.
In conclusion,


the international travel developing cause some disadvantages to people between countries, I strongly believe that there are a lot of benefits to improve the relation of people in modern communities.

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