In today_s world of advanced science and technology, we still greatly value our artists such as musicians, painters, and writers. What can the arts tell us about life that science and technology cannot?

It is true that the benefits of scientific and technological development are currently deniable. Despite


, artists


as musicians, painters and writers still gain a great deal of attention.


is because there a number of things about life that the arts can teach us where science and technology are silent.


and foremost, the arts give us opportunity to see the world in different perspectives while technology and science, focusing on practicality, fail to do.

For example

, In the eyes of scientists, a dog is an animal with four legs and can bark. But, in the world of literature, a dog can be a friend or even a hero.

In addition

, arts, including romantic movies, books, poems,… is able to tell us about the true meaning of love.

For instance

, the vast viewers, watching the movie called “Peterpan”, rarely understand the love story uncovered, in which Peter loved Wendy in the same way that a little boy loves his mother, whereas Wendy, wanted to have a relationship with Peter like the one her father has for her mother.


can explain arts helps us gain deeper insights into the story while machinery and discipline cannot convey


meaningful messages.

To sum up, we cannot deny that cutting-edge machinery and technique make our life easier and more convenient.


, the arts play an irreplaceable crucial role in the spiritual side of human.

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