In the past, lectures were used as a way of teaching large numbers of students, but now with the development of technology for education, many people think there is no justification for attending lectures. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Consistent with the continuous technological advancement and extensive application of modern science that are made available to the people, education has been revolutionized by new technology to the extent that the lecture is no longer the main method of delivery. In


regard, it is considered that our traditional way of learning, particularly by being physically present in classrooms is no longer significant. While there are a variety of benefits to the new approach of teaching,


, there are


significant drawbacks, which I strongly believe that attending lectures will always hold its importance.
Since there are different avenues of acquiring knowledge on today_s era through the internet, people find


more convenient and affordable than spending time to prepare, travel and be present for lectures inside the educational institutions.

For instance

, making the lessons available online, it allows them to have flexible time to prioritize other things and just go back to the lessons when they need to.

In addition

to that, schools will need to provide excellent facilities to the students who will need to attend lectures,


, they would still need to pay additional fees for those.

On the other hand

, the new approach will make the discussion less interactive, which


hampers the development of students_ interpersonal skills. Classroom teaching allows everyone to initiate remarks and


questions which help gain more understanding of a particular topic. In


regard, it is considered as one limitation of online teaching, especially when it is recorded.


, students in the class could still find time to discuss


what they have learned after, share their thoughts and help one another when they find the subject matter difficult,


developing their intellectual abilities and social skills.
In conclusion, modern tools for education greatly improve the way of life, but in my opinion, attending lectures play a vital role to obtain new knowledge and achieve good performance.

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