In some parts of the world, the rate of divorce has increased dramatically over the past few decades. Explain some possible reasons for this problem and suggest some solutions.

In the past divorce was unacceptable.It has been observed by many that nowadays, the ratio of divorces is growing swiftly compared to the past.There are several reasons for


a situation,


some primitive steps can be taken to solve


problem.Both the causes and measures are elaborated



To begin

with, the foremost one is the join family.To explain it, we can see that today_s everywhere has a trend to a nuclear family, where couples can stay comfortable


of a big a join family has chances to fight for equality,foods, house chores, kids as well as elders,


types of causes can result as a separation .Another one is extramarital affairs to explicate it, in modern times half of the folks who have extra affairs outside of a home, are not loyal to a partner.

For example

,in 2019, it was revealed by America that 80% of couples_ divorce reasons were extramarital affairs.


, a growing divorces rate is becoming a major situation in the world.

On the other hand

, some steps can be taken to solve




, couples who have issues regarding family problems must solve them.could share everything with each other and


family members should encourage them, they should motivate them about their kid_s future.

For instance

, 90% of Indian parents do not get a separate only for their children,


they have a problem with each other.


, they should spend more time with each other ,can arrange a trip or small vacation at the weekends, and


should feel special to each other Through it may be they do not get attracted to one another.

In conclusion, the number of divorces is increasing day by day for various reasons.


, it can be declined by some measures like


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understanding spending times

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