in some cultures, children are often told that they can achieve anything if they try hard enough. what are the advantages and disadvanteges of giving children this massege?

In some customs, offspring are often convinced that they can accomplish everything if they have attempted hard enough.While some people , including me, think that encouraging offspring to try hard to achieve what they want would be beneficial for their future others claim that they would put them under pressure and get stressed.


essay will discuss the pros and cons of



One of the advantages of


opinion is when people around offspring encourage them to attempt enough hard and focus on themselves to achieve what they want, they will become more confident.


,they find out the ability to put themselves in various situations to figure out what they want and like to do for a better future.


, they force themselves to do their best for both life and career.Another outcome is that they can reach their ideal goals because started to try step-by-step from a very early age , so they have enough motivation to accomplish to do what they want.

For example

, children who started learning English at an early age become experts in that field they continued.

On the other side, one of the drawbacks of


view can be related to the problem that they think everything is possible and they can do anything with no limit because they do not know about their capacity and ability to do things.When they do not reach for things that they want,they will become frustrated , and give up on attempting.

For example

,children who think become a millionaire at the age of 15, but do not give up.Another drawback is they are compared with their peers,so they get stressed and never have peace.they would


be worried about their approach.

for example

, students who want to participate in entrance exams for challenging , become stressed and always have anxiety.

In conclusion, I restate that in some nations, convincing offspring to attempt hard enough for everything they want is popular ,so it has both advantages


as better situation for life and career in future and reaches their goals , and disadvantages


as set unrealistic goals and put themselves in a situation that causes stress.

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