In some countries, governments are encouraging businesses and industries to move to regional areas outside big cities. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

In many nations around the world, authorities are promoting the transition of large firms companies from urban to rural settlements.


, consequences arise

as a result



, I believe that the merits of having


a trend far supersede the negative outcomes.


essay will discuss the disadvantages and


the advantages of urban-rural industrialization follow by a reasoned conclusion



Shifting business centres to suburbs from city centres means massive clearance of forest life with replacement by building.


, there are disturbances of nature leading to conditions like the greenhouse effect.

For example

, In the absence of trees and grasses, the rate of photosynthesis by plants is reduced leading to the build-up of carbon monoxide that causes increased atmospheric temperature.


given rise to global warming.


, open fields and landscapes are places of natural beauty that add value to a nation.


, they serve as tourist attractions generation money for the government.


, their conversion into buildings could reduce federal revenue.

Despite the downside of rural development, the benefits are far overwhelming.


, it leads to the growth of communities and villages.

In other words

, the establishment of basic infrastructures like industries and various enterprises create employment for indigenes and foreigns.

For instance

, recent studies have shown that most people working in big towns


like to invest in it.


, if more people are attracted to the villages, their contribution will enhance development.


, a trend like


will lead to the decongestion of municipals. To


illustrate, indigenes will prefer to remain in their communities while some outsiders from busy towns will seek greener pastures from the suburbs due to industrialization.

In conclusion, developing a community is not without merits and demerits. But I believe it is far more advantageous due to the positive impact on the economy.

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