In some countries children have very strict rules of behaviour, while in other countries they are allowed to do almost anything they want. To what extent should children have to follow rules?

In some climes, children are strictly monitored by regulations to ensure good behaviour while in some other climes they are given free hand to do as they please. In my opinion children need absolute guidance to mould their character.

Minors need instructions to guide them in differentiating right from wrong. Because their young minds are naive and prone to foolish acts, if not properly directed.


is why in many African countries, following rules given by parents or an authority are a core part of a child_s upbringing. It is


a general believe in


part of the world that children should not be left on their own to prevent them from misbehaving, else they become a burden to the society.


, in some countries where children are allowed to have freedom to do as they wish. Because they consider it necessary, in order that they may learn from any mistake that results from their bad decisions. Thereby, they could become more independent at an early age.


mindset, has given rise to a lot of social issues in the west where children are somewhat emancipated.


, I consider discipline through setting out rules as necessary to ensure an upright generation. Because children are the future of a nation and should not be left unguarded. As shown by the moral decadence in other nations as oppose to the strong character seen in Africa children.

In conclusion, in as much as opinion may differ across countries about allowing children follow laid down regulations or to let them freely expire on their own. I think that children need to be guided so that the society would be better off.

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