In some countires, owning a home rather renting one is very inportant for people. Why might this be case? do you think ths is a positive or negative situation

I have nothing to say about


problem as my immediate family possess with my own house.


, I am going to write what is the cases of having a choice in renting and owning


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ome as well as explain the encouragement to


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of either positive or negative situations.

It is clear that human beings think about renting accommodation as something worth, which demonstrates the troubles with a budget and


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work. Many of them


believe that owning a spacious


is a symbol of wealth and according to these beliefs owning a


is the most crucial thing for people over the world.

For example

, in our society,it is plausible that having a cosy accommodation, as well as the newest model of car,the ar indicate the well-being of a person and

as a result

,nobody wants to look like a looser.

I think, when a family cannot determine where they are going to live,


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circumstances will be known as a negative situation. Along with it, there are bad results if parents do not provide with children an opportunity to study in their own study cabinet.

For instance

, the poor quality of


ambience leads to a terrible result in a child_s performance.

From what has been discussed above here should be drawn a conclusion that despite the cases of having an alternative place to live, it is introducing a bad consequence in the life of a household.

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