In recent years, the family structure has changed, as well as family roles. What are the changes occuring? Do you think changes are positive or negative?

The notion of family has been altered drastically in recent decades. With the development of engineering and technology, there have been some common patterns – families are becoming smaller, and family members are enjoying more equality. I firmly believe that the changes occurred have brought more benefits than drawbacks to society.

In my view, there have been two significant changes in the evolution of the family composition. The


one is the downsizing of the family units. As people are moving away from their old family houses for work, they would see less of the extended family.

As a result

, the size of a family dinner is vastly reduced to three to five maximum. The


trend is that young parents are taking more equal responsibilities in household chores and making identical financial contributions.

In contrast

to the typical housewife setting, according to Pew Research, 30 percent more males in the USA is helping their spouse in the kitchen.

All the above changes, in my perspective, are positive and ought to be celebrated.

To begin

with, the shrinking in family size means there will be more flexibility in family activity planning.

For instance

, children will enjoy more attention and time from their parents.


, equality in household responsibilities will undoubtedly promote gender equality and will bring a positive influence to future generations.

For example

, as the only girl in the family, growing up, I never felt less than my brother as my mother had an equally well-paid job as my father.

In conclusion, there_s no doubt that the idea of family has evolved in recent decades. As family size became smaller and gender roles more equal, I believe that we are heading towards a more productive and well-rounded society.

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