In most of the societies, the role of mother and father differs. what are the causes of this difference? What will be the parental roles in the future?

The given maps provide the changes of the village of


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from 1995 to at present.

Overall, it can be clearly seen that more residential areas and places for tourism increase than in the past.

Compared to the past, the group of housing in the northwest of the village are extended along a longer road separately built to the left side of the map. While the shops which were located in the south are changed into many restaurants, the fish markets which were nearly settled are reconstructed to be the group of apartments, and the fishing port disappeared



Regarding the remained places,


of farmland and a forest park in 1995 on the left side of the map, the sports area with a golf court and a tennis court is erected. Interestingly, whereas a café and a hotel to the south of the sports area nowadays are the same as in the past, there is a new car park on the right of the hotel.

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