In many places new homes are needed,but the only available space for building in the countryside.But some people believe that it is more important to protect countryside and not build a new home there.What is your opinion about this,give reason for your answer and include any relevant example from your own experience or knowledge.

Building a house is a dream for most and is a necessity of many countries to build more houses, but the space available for construction is in the countryside. While some people argue about protecting the countryside and no construction should be allowed in there. I tend to agree with the former statement of construction in the countryside as it is peaceful and less crowded.

The most significant advantage of living in a country area is greenery. Most of the cities are now concrete and limited space is available for gardens and playgrounds. While, outskirts are a lot more green and have plenty of gardens.

For example

, as per the index by the US government, cities has 5% of land covered with grass as compared to 30% in the outskirts. It is because, cost of land has increased exponentially in cities, and builders are more interested in making it more lucrative.


, a house outside of town, will allow people a better air quality along with a better lifestyle.

Another compelling advantage of living outside the town is time saved in travelling. Travelling is the most exhausting part of a city life, as it might take few hours to travel from one place to another. To illustrate


, on an average a person spends an hour travelling to work.

In contrast

, outside its perimeter its just 15 min.

That is

the reason, people are moving out of city life and trying to settle in an outside area.


, it provides them with a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

In conclusion, despite some people oppose building of a new home in the country area. In my opinion, building and living outside the city has more advantages, as it allows everyone to live in a peaceful and comfortable environment.

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