In many countries, women and men are working full time. It is, therefore, logical for women and men to share household tasks. To what extent do you agreee or disagree?

Both men and women are doing full time jobs in order to survive in


growing competitive world.


, the household responsibilities and family commitments should be shared by each of them to cope with the busy work schedule. I strongly agree with


notion and support the culture of sharing the tasks.

To begin

with, the family is a basic unit of society and works as a team in terms of earning money and sharing the family duties. To elaborate, if each partner is contributing towards the financial security and improving the standard of living,


both of them can work together to do household chores


as cooking, laundry, cleaning, and doing grocery.


will help to relieve the load of pressure, especially from the female counterpart.


, it will


help to strengthen the family bond of unity and harmony.

In some cases, the females have to resign from their jobs in order to look after their children and parents.


, with the cooperation of her partner and family, she can pursue her dream and focus on her career growth. In fact, men can become


by learning to manage tasks both at work and home.

For instance

, in case of any emergency condition, men can independently run the house and handle the situation.


, in


kind of families, the children are equally involved in the daily chores and


, making them self reliant and independent in their future.

To recapitulate, I opine that if women are sharing the financial burden with men,


men should help their wives in completing household activities in order to maintain the harmony and peace in the relationships.

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