In many countries, the proportion of older people is steadily increasing. Does this trend have positive or negative effects on society.

People_s life expectancy has increased in many societies, possibly because of improvements in technology and the increase in personal wealth.


senior citizens can contribute extraordinarily to society, I would argue that


demographic change can bring about some problems.
One problem associated with an ageing population is that health care costs will increase, imposing a burden on taxpayers. It is widely known that most medical needs and costs occur in the


years of life.


means that governments have to pour more money in caring for the elderly and in medical services.


is normally achieved by requiring working people to pay higher income tax and cutting funds for other essential services like education. The slow pace of


is another problem, as the number of senior workers increases. The ability to absorb information and complete


normally declines with age. Many elderly people have a conservative attitude towards technology and struggle to learn how to use high-tech devices and the latest software at


. If they choose to delay retirement, their presence in the workforce can influence companies_ productivity and endanger the whole economy.

On the other hand

, the experience and wisdom of senior citizens can be a valuable asset to the whole society. People today can live healthier and longer lives, as they pay closer attention to healthy eating and sports. They can


as consultants even after leaving the workforce, and impart their knowledge and skills to the younger generation.

For example

, some senior managers can teach young people how to manage a company, and how to provide better services for clients. Our society can draw upon the expertise of these older people.
In conclusion, the considerable extension of life expectancy has put strain on health care and made the workforce less productive. It will influence the economic development of a country,


we can make good use of senior workers_ wisdom.

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