In many countries schools have severe problems with student behavior. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

Student misbehaviour has become a thorny issue in many educational institutions across the globe.


essay will discuss the main reason behind


trend including the role of parents, teachers and the digital world.


essay will


suggest possible solutions including parent-teacher interactions and implement of strict rules at school.

Lack of parental guidance and influential media both play a vital role in directing a child_s behaviour. These days, due to tight work schedules caretakers barely spent quality time with their families leaving teenagers prone to bad influences.

For instance

, to combat loneliness many pupils explore explicit content available on websites


making them comfortable adopting


habits in their real life.

As a result

, due to the lack of supervision from guardians young minds get swayed by violent activities shown in the movies and TV shows.


, the imposition of strict rules by the authorities and counselling sessions between parents and educators could help in mitigating


issue to a certain extent. The Government could play an essential part by making disturbing content less available to students.

In addition

, through interactions with teachers, Caretakers would learn about developments in their child_s social conduct and the importance of family bonding .

For example

, having a family dinner or an outing with teenagers once a week could rejuvenate their minds bringing them closer to loved ones.


, care from the adults and the government_s intervention is a must for framing the future of the young generations.

To conclude, many disciplinary violations have been observed on school campuses due to the impact of social media and the negligence of elders. With little attention from parents and , the government the future of the pupil could be saved.

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