In many countries it is now illegal to smoke in public places. It is only fair that people who wish to smoke should have to leave the building. Do you agree or disagree?

Smoking is a major issue across the world. Public smoking has now been banned by many nations. I agree with making people go out of the building to light a cigarette as it helps to cut down smoking and keeps the common area neat and tidy.

The foremost benefit of having to smoke only outside the premises is a reduction in smoking frequency. It acts as a deterrent with folks having to make an extra effort of mandatorily stepping out every time they feel like smoking.

For instance

, the discomfort of walking out in the open every single time dissuades many individuals not to smoking, especially in extreme weather conditions.

In addition

, it


curbs passive smoking as non-smokers are saved from the undesirable ash and fumes indoors.


, forcing individuals to take an extra effort of moving outside to smoke can result in lesser people smoking.

Another benefit is that it keeps indoors clean and presentable.

For example

, a pungent smell and extra garbage in terms of cigarette buds are some of the after-effects of smoking within premises. So, a restriction on indoor smoking saves on the extra maintenance required to keep it neat and tidy .


, it


protects people from any mishappening which may be caused by lighting a fire inside the premises.


, outside smoking is a better option as it increases public safety and keeps indoors breathable.

In conclusion, lesser smoking and cleanliness are definite advantages of asking individuals to smoke only in the open and it benefits both: smokers as well non-smokers.

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