In many countries, international tourism has become an important source of income. However, it also has negative effects. Do the benefits of international tourism outweigh the disadvantages? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.



has become one of the most valuable parts of a country_s economy. Some people believe that it has more additional positive influences on society, but others tend to believe that there are more consequences of it. I personally believe that it has more upside effects than its negative ones. In


essay, I will explain the reasons behind the above-mentioned statement.

To begin

with, international


has provided many advantages for the communities. It mainly revolves around its economic and social development benefits.


of all,


kind of activity provides a boost for the surrounding economy. The opening of holiday places is usually followed by the rise of trading activities.

For example

, there will be an opportunity for the community around the destination to sell merchandise related to it or to sell daily needs for tourists with an increasing margin.


, it will give people more job choices and increase their income.

In addition

, the opening of


a place will be followed by the development of surrounding facilities,


as roads, bridges, and public transportations.

As a result

, it will bring a benefit to the locals due to their quality of life improvement.

On the other hand

, international




bring a major downside, which involves the destruction of natural ecosystems.

For instance

, an increasing activity to build hotels or any facilities related to it, if not regulated, will cause the destruction of the river or land near those places.


, it will bring many negative effects to the animals or even the society in that areas.

In conclusion, based on the reasons I have mentioned above, the advantages of international


still outweigh their disadvantages.


, there is still a need for government regulation to make sure that the negative effects are kept to minimal.

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