In many countries children are engaged in different kinds of paid work. Some people regard this as completely wrong, while others consider it a valuable work experience, important for learning and taking responsibility. What is your opinion?

While Some people think that serving paid work by the children would promote serious problems, other opine that it will expand their expertise in practical life. In my opinion, youngsters should be associated with paid work but with proper supervision.

On the one hand, wage employment will help the children to grow as a person. If they do jobs with the exchange of remunerations, that will make them more attentive to the tasks, which will let them get expertise in various fields.


, they will realize the value of money, and


, they will be more sensible to save and expend




, these young service holders will likely to contribute their income to their studies and other household purposes.


, paid job placement drives youngster_s cognitive development, and apparently, makes them better individuals.

For example

, a survey conducted by Wikipedia reveals that the success rate in careers is higher among those professionals who earned earlier stages in their life.


, getting money in hand can let the teenagers go astray. In the early stage of life, humans are a bit immature, and in most cases, they cannot distinguish ethical and unethical issues correctly.


, If adolescents have finance, they are likely to do blunder and engage in violence,


as bad company, drinking alcohol, or smoking cigarettes.


, employed children have a great chance of being spoiled.


, guidance and regular inspection of parents and teachers can refrain these youngsters from these acts and let them to income and acquire competencies.

In conclusion, People have contrasting views, whether children should be associated with paid service or not. I think they could earn to become skilful; but, parents should guide and oversee their employed offsprings regularly.

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