improvement in the health , education and trade are essential for the development of poorer nations. however, the govt of the richer nation should take more responsibility for the helping the poorer nation in such area





and trade play a vital role in the growth of poor countries. Some people believe that wealthier nations should help poorer ones in these areas. I completely agree that rich governments should assist poor countries.

One of the reasons why I believe the well to

do nations

a voluntary gift (as of money or service or ideas) made to some worthwhile cause

need to help the less privileged countries, is because they have a moral obligation to do so. When a neighbouring country is struggling with the aspects of




and trading, it is only human for a wealthy nation to send help. They could help in these areas by,

for example

, building schools in the poorer countries in order to improve




, doctors and nurses could be sent to help them with their


standards, and governments can strike better trade deals to help with the poor country_s economy. If wealthy countries do


, they would be contributing a lot of good to the world and making it a better place.

Another reason why developed countries should assist the poorer ones is because, most of the wealthy nations today became rich off the backs of poor nations in the past.

For instance

, Africa_s gold and diamond mines were illegally explored by popular European countries in the past.


has left several African nations poor and without resources.


, it would be only right to help these countries with


; by awarding scholarships to intelligent students.


, funds could be sent to improve the


sector and seminars organised to train business owners of the poor country.

In conclusion, it is true that


, good


and trade are important in developing poor countries. I believe that governments of rich countries should help them.

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