Immigration has a major impact on the society. What are the main reasons of immigration? To what consequences can it lead?

Immigration has brought so many changes in the past couple of years across the world. It is really emphasizing the people to change their mind. In my opinion,there are many reasons why people preferring to migrate to some other countries.


off, the basic reason for the migration is study and career betterment opportunities are the major concern to move. Every day, there are more than hundred thousands of people moving just to because of gaining more valuable education, so, they can get better aspects to work on salaries and safe future. The main cause, which, attracts people is the currency. Abroad currencies have a huge variation from the home currency. Even though people move to other countries because they should have some peaceful and stable life.

For example

, USA IT official organisation are really strict with the rules and regular working hours, if business demands more hours to work,


, companies are ready to pay for it. Which, is worth for the employees.


, in-home countries, employees are working restlessly hours without any bonus or increments. These are the things that make them more insecure.

On top of that, there are some other reasons that people want to be live in a safe environment with their families. Wars and terrorism could be the biggest reasons to move to other nations. Most families are concerned with their family security, women harassment and child education. Many people have opinions that, what they have survived here in their own country, they would not expect the same for their children and want more prosperity and life values learning for their betterment.


, many families elders lifting their path to the other countries and getting settled down.

For instance

, one survey shows that mostly 60% of the throng have moved to other countries, because of the survival reasons.

In conclusion, people really get an effect and influenced to moving other nations due to make saving for future, life security and struggling and the value of education. These are the consequences that lead to people_s thoughts.

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