identifies and explains how selected texts represents an inspirational person that has overcome adversity and explain how the text influences reader_s perception of the human experience that to create different perspectives of identity, place and events inspire or are inspirational.

Inspiration awakens us to new possibilities by enabling us to transcend our ordinary experiences and limitations. It creates a passion within us,

that is

very difficult to extinguish. It_s quite remarkable because “at times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each one of us has cause to think deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame with us”— Albert Schweitzer. The qualities of an inspirational person surely that they are resilient to overcome adversity, but today Anne Frank is the inspirational girl I_ll honour in my blog. Her life challenge, identities, and actions are the one inspires people.

The experience of Anne‘s life shows adversities she challenged –fears, discrimination, suffer and injustice –but is an inspiration. In 1933, the Nazi came to power, Anne and her family moved from Germany to Holland. She attended a regular school until Holland was occupied by the Nazis in 1940. Anne was subjected to the same rules as German Jews, and Jewish children could only attend Jewish schools. She had to face curfews and was forced to wear a yellow star shirt symbol. She moved to a hiding house called the “Secret Annex” but was eventually discovered by the Nazi. The Nazis


sent Anne to a concentration camp in 1945, and it was the final



Anne had. Her story was heartbreaking, but her identities are inspired. She_s optimistic, mature, and resilient. During the journey, Anne wrote her


said, “so much has happened, it_s as if the world has suddenly turned upside down. But as you can see, Kitty, I_m still alive” (on Wednesday the 8th of July 1942). Three days later when she was hiding she said, “It_s more like being on holiday in some strange pension.”


Ann had faced threats and dangers, she had a positive attitude and valued her life. She left her normal childhood behind and entered the desperate conditions of the Holocaust; she became much more thoughtful and reflective. It indicates she is a resilient person to overcome the adversity with her optimist and mature mindset.

That is

what inspires us to be strong and to keep going in our miserable lives. Nothing can truly let you down, but your own self! Anne_s inspiring actions were basically because of her identities.


, she was discriminated against and hunted by the Nazis, but she kept writing her journal and never abandoned her dream of publishing the


. Her none excuses inspiring people who have given up on their dreams. Suzy Kassem — _Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

The author uses language features of quotations, triples, selected adjectives, as well as structures


as cause and effect, and punctuation in the text to shape meaning and invite particular responses. The quote “Dear Kitty” and positive adjectives of “outspoken,” “energetic,” and “incredibly” strengthen readers feeling to association with Anne Frank_s positive identity – Innocent, enthusiastic and smart.

On the other hand

, the used of “short” and “universal” adjectives for the problems Anne Frank was facing are used to negatively represent the Anne_s situation. The author


reinforces it through the technique of Triplets, “Fear, boredom and confusion” which describes Anne_s experience written in her


. The cause and effect of “When Holland was occupied by the Nazis in 1940, their heritage puts the family under threat” shows a clue of how Nazis_ mindset towards. Anne Frank herself written in her


said that the hiding place “may be damp and lopsided, but there_s probably not a more comfortable hiding house in all of Amsterdam. No, in all of Holland.”


comprehended the writer_s ideas that nowhere during the event were safe since the Nazis came into power, which evokes an unpleasant, anger, and disappointed feeling towards the Nazis, representing their negative identity and Holocaust event.

The selected texts


invite readers to examine how it underpins texts and shape representations of Nazis perspectives, ideas, cultural assumption, values and beliefs towards Jews. As the author has revealed that Anne Frank_s family had been “subjected” to the same rules as German Jews, were forced to wear a “yellow star” shirt, could only attend “Jewish school,” and Jewish people were not allowed to have their own business.


suggests that the Nazis have a negative attitude of an unwelcome and/or disgusted towards Jewish people because of whom they are. It is


clear that the Nazis treated Jews unfairly regardless of human equality and shows that they believed that Jewish was a treat due to their different race in German. The text,


, represents negative identify, place, and concept of Nazi as brutal and unacceptable in a modern society, where unfair threaten and discriminatory actions are unexpected and is against to the laws –Rights of equality and non-discrimination.

By all accounts, and for proven reasons, it is no wonder that selected texts represent Anne Frank inspirational who overcome adversity. Anne Frank is an optimist, mature and resilient character. Her time at a young age was full of dreams, strength, enthusiasm, fun and love. But immediately she enters


War, she must endure misery, suffer, and fear. Still, she walked through any kind of disaster and shone through within herself. Her brightness have lightened millions of people to get pass through their darkness when their light goes out.


, the text influences reader_s perception of human experience of discrimination, cultural assumption and stereotypes to create Anne_s identities and actions that are inspirational. After thorough analysis on


subject, the Nazis or the Holocaust killed millions of Jews, and that it wounded generations to never forget, but to pray the event will never happen again. In view of the fact that discrimination was part of the story, people with humanity will never deny any other human right. In a state of war, thousands of innocent people had suffered from what they had not begun.

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