Health experts claim that walking is the best exercise. However, people are walking less on a daily basis. What has made this happen and how to deal with it?

undoubtedly walking is the best physical exercise for a healthy life, yet people walk a minimum distance per day because of various technological advances which have impacted the daily lifestyle.


essay will elaborate on both sides of the social dilemma.

Globalization and technology have been at the forefront to mess the life of many.

To begin

with, everyone uses to walk more in the early days to buy their daily needs.

For example

, everyone was frequently walking towards the market to buy their essentials but now it is just a click away to order online to get them to wherever they live.


, mobile phone addiction


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distance many from going to the park or taking a walk in the neighbourhood which not only had positive outcomes for fitness but


for mental health.


, it is evident that a lot of children are continuously spending time on television watching movies and Netflix rather than going for a walk which will improve their immunity.

Social mind shift and government intervention can play a pivotal role to minimize the adverse effects.


, institutions should make plans to open schools closer to communities and ban children from travelling in their private vehicles and impose a merit system to encourage students to walk to schools.

In addition



, walking paths can be developed in every city so that citizens can use these to exercise in their leisure time.


, constant information sharing and workshops must be conducted to educate everyone on the importance and benefits of walking.

In conclusion, the damage caused by the influence of tech uprise for walking can be minimized and improved by a collaborative effort by both the family unit and the policymakers.

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