Governments should spend money on railways rather than roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Railways are the modern system of transporting. Due to


, a number of goods are being delivered in no time via trains.


, it lacks development, so there are differing views that the authorities should arrange their expenditures in


form rather than roads. I do not agree completely because railways might fully replace roads, and there are other spheres


as air traffic which must be focused as well.

To begin

with, as some car passages have become ominous these days, people demand the contemporary approach like railways for mobile purposes. To be precise, a multitude of car accidents is occurring in some areas, particularly in countries where a moving method has not been fostered yet.


, citizens hold that they would be safer if train ways were developed. To exemplify, in winter when there are snowfalls, a chance of a crash is extremely high because freezing conditions make roads slippery.


, some transports may slip away, wrecking another one.

In contrast



type of threats is not able to impact on railways as they are resilient to any weather condition. Obviously, travellers can move from point A to point B without anxiety.


, not only should governments spend money on railways, but


they have to do so with an air system. The main reason I strongly assert is that it is feasible to attain and is advantageous. Accurately explaining, if nations develop wind ways, building an air station, it would enable planes to stop there. Thereby, tired pilots could be exchanged for alternative ones so as to escape some sort of unexpected danger,


as exhausted pilots_ abrupt sleep during the flight. Even though the autopilot functions, that situation might either lead to false destinations or provoke accidents.


, passengers would


benefit by changing their itineraries or enjoying the view of the sky from height in those stations.

By way of conclusion, I once again reaffirm my partial agreement that


governments should invest their budgets in railways because of the reasons outlined above, there is another field like airlines which needs emphases and is a benefit for both pilots and commuters, simultaneously.

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