Global warming is one of the biggest threats to our enviroment. What causes global warming? What solutions are there to this problem?

Global warming has been become the most dangerous that affects our environment.


environmental issue is caused by human activities which lead to adverse impacts. In


essay, I am going to clarify the causes of global warming and offer the solution of



To begin

with, cutting and burning trees is the primary cause which releases the carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as well as possible for enhancing the speed of global warming.


, the number of people have a lack of attention to the environment and they just waste away trashes,

as a result

, the quality of the air is poor.

In addition

, the


cause of


problem is the combustion of fossil fuels


as coal and oil,


it produces air pollutants that make people feel sick and


brings them into the death.

The solution of


circumstance is individuals and government regarded as the inhabitants of the Earth. The government has to introduce the environmental rules which citizens are attained by in order to decrease the effect of global warming. The councils encourage many people to plant the number of trees as the purpose of tackling



For Instance

, In the UK, the farmers are persuaded by the Minister as the purpose of harvesting plants. Promoting advertisements through social media and television is the best way which increase the care of the environment, so people pay attention and give advices to others who have the desire to do deforestation and other bad things.

In conclusion,


problem is caused by many people that improving global warming which affects human health. Both individuals and governments collaborating each other is the cure of reducing the environmental issues

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