Global warming is one of the biggest threats humans face in the 21st Century and sea levels are continuing to rise at alarming rates. What problems are associated with this and what are some possible solutions.

As a current issue, global warming has terminated into a problem for humans in the contemporary era,when experts are working to find a remedial idea to get rid of the dire consequences that are predicted to occur.


,both some of the reasons behind that and


some approaches for tackling them are uttered here.

One of the most highlighted negative side effects has to do with the increasing temperature of the world can emerge by increasing the level of seas,when not only cover the infrastructure of the residential areas by water but


multitudes of people have to immigrate to other parts of the earth.

For instance

, some countries


as Netherland will have been sunk by the water until the


decade if some steps do not be taken,which has been mentioned by the scientists.


,more devastating catastrophes are expected from the alternation of air conditions that are not forecastable.As a vivid case,the rate of the stroying storms has rocketed drastically from which used to be,

in addition

, more floods are taking place in the vicinities that have not had rain in all-around a year,based on the broadcasted news.

To tackle the issue,utilisation of fossil fuels should be restricted as the main factor of the greenhouse gases,while their usage has ascended in the previous decade.


of them,some recyclable power resources,


as either sun or wind power,can be exploited that not only decrease the level of detrimental fumes but


save the underground resources for the future that better consumption systems are introduced by the inventors.The other worth mentioning thing regarding controlling the human population that swelled owing to the developments in various realms.

In other words

,the rate of death has descended as an offspring of improvements in medical services,while the rate of birth is high in some parts of the globe.


,more forests need to be logged to provide food and


more energy is required,whereas more contamination is made by the high populated vicinities.

To recapitulate,the associated drawbacks of global warming can be eradicated if experts warnings are heard by the authorities and cause to take some steps,something


as controlling the human’s population or even the eco-friendly energy resources.

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