Giving children an adolescent pocket money is common throughout the world. this goes the advantages and disadvantages of this practice and give your own opinion.

It is a common phenomenon nowadays to give youngsters a small amount of


for their own expenses. While there are many advantages and disadvantages associated with


, in my opinion, the upsides definitely outweigh the downsides.

Having some


to spend at a very early age can sometimes do more harm than good. As kids do not have a clear idea of right and wrong, there is always a high chance that these


getting spent on something unethical or illegal.

For example

, a lot of school children in the USA have got addicted to drugs, simply because they had the


to buy them.


, If we do not have a good surveillance over them, it might go wrong in many ways.


, the youngsters who get pocket


from their parents learn to manage their finances quickly and often end up developing a habit of saving, which can prove to be really beneficial in the future. They save that


to buy useful products, which they really want, rather than wasting


on unwanted things.


happens as they are often asked by their parents to utilize their pocket


to buy things of their choice.

For instance

, a survey published in a leading newspaper in India revealed that parents who give some


to their kids every month had observed a significant decrease in their expenses they previously had to incur to buy toys.


, the number of toys their children had kept increasing, does, concluding that those youngsters buy their favourite stuff with their own




, it is a huge advantage undoubtedly and may help both the kids and their families.

In conclusion, according to me, even though there is a risk of the young people taking the illegal path to utilize the cash they receive, the benefits are worth it. It not only teachers a lot of important values in them, but


helps the adults to control the necessary expenses for those kids.

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