Friendships can be very meaningful and special, but also very complicated. What are the qualities of a great friend? What are some things that can weaken a close relationship over time?

The mutual bonding within friends can be referred as friendship, which is mostly unconditional affection and selfless nature for each other.


feeling is so rare that sometimes friends fail to express it. But sadly, at times


kind of attachment creates complication in life which gradually results in misunderstanding of feelings


ends in break up.


, many people believe that friendship can be meaningful an special, but


very complicated and I totally agree with it.

Considering the good side that there are many great qualities of a great friend. A good being will always be there by your side in both rise and fall phase. In rise phase, he will always encourage to move forward and help to strengthen your calibre while in fall phase, shows you mirror of the mistakes and provide a hand to rectify.

For instance

, suppose in a race you drop on the ground, a well-being will give his hand to re-stand and encourage to finish it. He will be loyal and non-judgemental.

While on the other side, there are few qualities which can weaken a close relationship over time. One of the priority reason for weakening relation is when we start taking others for granted may be with intensions or unintentionally.

For example

, when two friends are there for a longer period of time and eventually they take others for granted, there it starts to create hatred for each other. Other ways can




a lack

of trust.

In a nutshell, life is like a roller coaster, many ups and downs will come and pass.


of thinking about complications, a friend should always be always be motivating his friend in good situation and while in bad scenarios make him understand the mistake and help to fix it.

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