Even when poor countries get help from rich countries, hunger is Steel an issue. Discuss the problem, cause, and solutions. Support your answer with specific reasons and example

Developed countries help undeveloped nations by all means


as in minimizing the poverty rate but still they have to sleep without eating.


essay will explicate the main reasons behind starving and solutions for the same.

To commence with, the


and foremost reason is corruption. To explicate, mostly the poor regions do not have a good administrative system to run the country smoothly and people who are in that field are just corrupt. They only care about their families not about the families who sleep hungry every day, nobody helps them and lose their lives struggling with poverty.

For example

, India is still under development and there are millions of people who sleep on roads and cannot even afford food.


, another predominant reason behind


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the bad

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tax structure. The government did not make any strict rule for individuals to pay tax. So, if some poor countries, population who has billions of dollars in their pockets, are not paying taxes. If someone


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, workers under the government keep it to themselves and


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the person

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who paid it cannot even take benefit


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but not least reason is unfortunate education organizations,


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