Even if doctors suggest olders to do physical exercises Only if you done then require it what are the possible reasons and give your solutions

There is no doubt that as people get older the more they are concerned about health stability . Despite the fact that doctors recommend them to be physically active, only little has been done than required . In




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I will look forward to the health , social and environmental reasons, which are not without solutions.

Perhaps the major reason is a physical weakness of the older generation , which is usually coming together with pains in muscles and even with chronic diseases, reducing the demand for staying active in their day-to-day life. Another not unimportant factor can be unsuitable for exercise living conditions, like living in an apartment in the centre of the city , which often blocks access to walk outside , or staying in run-down areas , with a lack of space for keeping practice inside .


, a deficit of support from family members might stop elders from keeping fit .

In other words

, due to their physical imbalance , encouraging them to take action is more beneficial than the process of exercising itself . But the less co-operation is obtained by old people, the more enthusiasm they lose.

Turning to the possible solutions, one key step would be to create specialized rehabilitation centres, where old individuals can have


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training under the control of doctors and physiologists. The


positive development is to work with families that are in the conditions above mentioned.

For example

, by organizing free trips and marathons once a week , where only old family members can participate.


, authorities should arrange meetings , teaching people about the importance of motivating older to do exercises .

In conclusion,


retirees pay passive attention to physical health , creating a comfortable atmosphere can inspire them to change positions. I suggest, that both government and individuals should participate in overcoming these problems.

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