Entertainment such as electronic games on portal devices is harmful for individuals and the society they live in. Do you agree or disagree?

People have different views about whether electronic games on portal devices is a healthy entertainment or not. In my point of view, I agree that they are completely harmful



both individuals and the society.

For individuals, it is



that the more time people spend on computer games, the less time they would have



physical exercise and

as a result

, over time, they are prone to obesity, which might highly possible lead to diabetes, and many heart-related issues.

In addition

, people are likely to play those games lonely or with those


objective case of “who” (“who” is also often used in the objective)

they may not know each other in real life. By doing that for long, they would have less interpersonal interaction with people, including their family and friends.


, they easily get addicted to the virtual world and may stay away from the real world, which might lead to autism and other mental health problems.

For society, a community with many potential health concerns (both physical and mental ones) would be worrisome for policy makers and the state budget would be burdened as well.

In addition

, more violence or crime might be expected because many electronic games have violent or non-educational contents and are not being strictly controlled or censored, especially in developing countries where these games can be released directly to the public in many ways due to the poor management capability of the respective officers and departments.

In conclusion, from the above-mentioned reasons, I absolutely agree that

electronic games

the electronic games

on portal devices is a harmful entertainment for both individuals and society they live in.

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