Doctors recommend that older people exercise regularly, however, not many of them have an exercise routine. Why do you think it is happening? How can people be encouraged to exercise regularly?

The precedence of physical activity in a modern age which was always a hotly debatable topic now has become more controversial while copious people claim that activities should be part of our life in order to maintain physical fitness not only for age-person but


for every man-kind.


essay will


elaborate on my views on the reasons for the lack of workouts and possible suggestions.


, commencing with the possible causes for the lack of activeness is that we are dwelling in the age of technology and modernization and everything has increasingly become high-tech owing to the eminent usage of advancement

that is

the main concern.

in addition

, we are all altered sluggish due to the modern age .


, another contributing factor to inadequate physical movement is that we all have been so caught up in the routine schedule and at the end of work we all were so tired due to the pressure and burden of work and eventually, deprivation of energy leads to serious health issues. to illustrate, A Global report indicates that more than 80% population of the world has increasingly below the fitness level and the main reason is inefficient physical movement.

Moving to the


argument of the essay is that it is the collective responsibility of all institutions and government departments should promote and emphasise the importance of


activities in order to make healthy citizens through advertisements and newspapers.


, there is a need for the fitness club fees should be reasonable so that plenty of people are able to join them and remain fit.


, doctors should increasingly encourage their patients to exercise which is crucial not for physical strength but


for mental health.

for example

. in ,Pakistan copious NGOs carry out campaigns that exclusively pay the utmost attention and provide awareness regarding the importance of energy and motivate millions of people.


, to recapitulate unquestionably the problem has become a burning question of the day.


it is not an easy task to solve


immediately . Government and folks should come forward hand to hand to mitigate


complex issue according to the aforementioned solutions.

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