Do you agree that should we start creating more devices to improve our body perception of the world?

Nowadays, an increasing number of technologies in our lives have been raised rapidly. A lot of people believe that technology can help them find them out more about the perception of the world.


I agree that technology help us in many aspects, but I do believe that we should not create more devices can help people improve our body perception of the world
There are various reasons why some devices can help improve disabled people_s lives.


, the deaf can listen to music by VIBEAT. The device is a wearable necklace and bracelet that translate music into vibrations,


conveying the feeling of music through an alternative sensory system. Or a small electronic device is a cochlear implant that can help people hear. Through these devices, people have a chance to live like normal people, even they have some troubles in life.


, some devices can help us relax and see how interesting your soul and or your brain work.

For example

, a headset can read our


brain waves


As a result



of suffering from weaknesses


as deaf, blind, so on can have an experience like normal people thank to some devices.


, there are some disadvantages of relying on technology. If we imagine that everyone depends on these devices to enhance their body perception, they will not need any help from others.


, It is


the reason of lacking of interaction between people and people. Plus, these tools are expensive to buy or create. We can boost our

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