Do the dangers derived from the use of chemicals in food production and preservation outweighs the advantages.

Nowadays, most people don_t have much time to cook the


at home for self and families that ultimately divert them to rely on ready made


that is

available in ample quantity and even at the doorsteps with great economy.


, it has a greater damaging effect on an individual_s health.

To begin

with, ready to eat meals has made the kitchen life quite simple for the families with more exhausting schedules as compared to what we used to have a few decades ago.

For example

, for a working couple its a kind of blessing to have no worries for the cooking because these ready-made meals can save their time and effort and they can manage their appetite as well.

On the other hand

, these processed foods have their dark side as well.

For instance

, if we talk about the chemicals that are used in


preservation, turns out to be the active triggering elements behind several life threatening diseases


as diabetes, hypertension and cardiac diseases that are triggered by unhealthy way of life and excessive consumption of these types of foods.

To put it in a nut shell, techniques that are used in


preservation for a long lasting time period often include chemicals that are immensely harmful to our bodies, its greatly weaken the immune system and make it more prone towards the infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

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