Do copyright laws limit creativity or reward it? Would society function better without such rules and regulations?

It is supposed by many that


laws are limiting creativity and appreciation. I personally believe that, if there are no


laws, more developments could happen in the world and sharing of knowledge will open doors to new ideas. Development of new ideas by sharing will help the public to innovative new products.


essay will discuss how


limitation paly an important role in the market by taking examples from newspapers and journals.

To begin

with, protecting ones intellectual property with


law could affect the development of society.


is because, people are less aware of what inventions are happening in the world, and sharing of new knowledge would be limited to one group of people who are working with it.

For example

, The 2019 patent lists in the United States shows that 25% topics are completely innovative and life-changing inventions on earth, due to


laws and limitations these topics are not allowed into the public platform.

As a result

, no inputs are allowed to those patents from the public for




, if there are no laws that which govern copyrights,


new ideas will spill from person to another, and new inputs could add more information to the product. The sharing of one idea in a public forum would bring new thoughts among different groups.

For instance

, Twitter made its online platform free without any


restrictions. So the public can use their platform for developing new inventions.

As a result

, new apps are developed with that information which is useful for the public.


, spilling of ideas from a person-to-person without any


laws can help the society to develop new innovations.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that limiting one_s creativity with


laws might help the person to accumulate money or awards, but in order to bring new ideas governments to should remove



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