Digital Digital communication technology, such as email, instant messaging and social media, has improved communication and connection between people. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

The advent of digital contact is seen worldwide. Human is social animal and connection is an integral part of life. Through transmission, the community share their feelings while they are distant. So digital intelligence technology plays a vital role in connecting through various ways like instant messages, email, social media etc. I agree with the former view and the essay will discuss the advantages of innovation using various examples.

Foremost, online outset has connected society through social media


as Snapchat, face time, Facebook, Orkut etc. These sites allow individuals to be in contact with folk who are far away and


, sometimes with strangers.

For instance

, a survey of online users has shown that most public prefer online kickoff in shopping, food convocation and many more.


shows that the number of users is increasing day by day due to the convenience of online dawning.

Other initiation in the field can be seen in the banks. These have become so advanced that a customer can open their account while sitting in their home, the only need is to make a call.


, they can


make profits by investing virtually.


all can possible only by the fast internet and communication services.

In addition

, instant messaging

for example

whats app, Snapchat, and Instagram has helped to make contact overseas . E-mail, on the other ,


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hand is an integral part to send official mail and work details to the employer.

To sum up, I would say the technology is for the betterment of society and it deals with the slower connection and poor quality of servers which was a problem in the past.

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