Despite huge improvements in healthcare, the overall standard of physical health in many developed countries is now falling. What could be the reason for this trend, and what can be done to reverse it?

Health problems


as obesity, diabetes and heart disease are becoming more widespread in parts of the developed world. There are several reasons for


problem, and various measures could be taken by governments and individuals to improve the situation.
Lifestyle and diet are the major causes of poor health in developed countries. Most people travel by car rather than walking, they tend to work in offices where little physical activity is required, and they are


less active at home; adults relax by watching television, while children play video games rather than doing outdoor sports. At the same time, many people nowadays eat fast food or pre-prepared meals, which are cheap to buy and easy to make. These foods often contain too much fat, salt and sugar, and


, populations in



countries are increasingly overweight.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the keys to raising the overall standard of health in any country. Doctors advise exercising at least three times a

week for

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week, for

twenty minutes, and adults need to take responsibility for making sure that they and their children follow these guidelines. Governments can


help the situation by ensuring that there is enough time for sport on school timetables. With regard to the need for a healthy diet, governments can play their part by banning junk food from school menus, but it is even more important that individuals make better choices about the foods they eat.

In conclusion, the standard of physical health in



countries will only improve if people become more physically active and start to eat more healthily.

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