Damage to the environment is an inevitable consequence of the improvement in the standard of living. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

Over the years states have focused on improving the livelihood of people and


act has resulted in the obliteration of most areas.


essay will totally agree with


opinion because


acts have resulted in destroying natural vegetation and caused pollution in most parts of the world.


, the permanent riding of forests has been due to an urge to improve where society lives.


has happened by replacing these natural vegetations with buildings


as houses, shopping malls and so on,


has been promoted to ensure the community can access these things easily thereby not realizing the risks it would cause to its natural habitats or even the climate since trees contribute to having a cooler atmosphere temperature .

For example

, a lot of play parks have been replaced by buildings in most parts of the world with a view to providing human beings easy access to stores or accommodation not acknowledging the effects of destroying them.


, pollution has been a major problem ever since contemporary living was introduced.


damage to the environment has been due to combustion processes, improper disposal of waste products by manufacturers etc, For ,_instance, the globe has now reported climate change in most areas,


has mainly occurred because of hazardous gases let into the atmosphere by industries thereby causing problems like global warming.




how environmental effects have resulted .

In conclusion, I argue that the environment has suffered damage due to the need by most nations to change the way folks live which has caused deforestation and pollution .

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