Convenience foods will become increasingly prevalent and eventually replace traditional foods and traditional methods of food preparation. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

One of the most significant advances in our civilization is developing methods of food production and preparation. _Convenience foods_ is the constant buzzing word in the bustling cities.


many argue that original cooking methods will be replaced by


soon, I disagree with


because of various reasons. Peoples_ awareness and increasing well-being consciousness are the primary factors supporting my opinion.

To begin

with, a readymade meal is the most attractive and comfortable option not only for young bachelors, even for young couples.


became the trend at one point.


, when people realize that it is actually ruining their health, they paid a huge price. To illustrate, the American health institute_s studies have published that 55% of obesity is due to canned and frozen foods.


is because adding high volumes of chemicals to get the food preserved for longer, which has adverse effects on fitness.


, with the help of these publications and constant awareness campaigns, people started transforming themselves with healthy lifestyles. To elaborate, we often notice on the internet about individuals with tremendous weight loss and completely get transformed. Eventually, they inspire others who wanted

to begin

their weight loss journeys.


, spirituality has been accelerating among the young and the middle-aged, which encourages consuming fresh and raw veggies and fruits. All these are pieces of evidence for constructive progress and indicate that canned food is irreplaceable.

All in all, with the ever-increasing awareness of one_s well-being and lifestyle, I strongly believe that traditional methods can change a bit in terms of preparation methods but can never get replaced with a ast snack. We should always remember that health is wealth.


, we should take charge of it. Just for the sake of convenience, we should not invest our precious life into it.

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